Passion for Perfection and Excellence

We have now experience for over 25 years in fashion & textile industry and manage to create and mix & match high quality materials and perfect fit with unimaginable lead times. We understand the processing of materials & fabrics and we continuously innovating and developing more advanced production methods in order to be always the first choice for our demanding clients and to make shore our clients have the advantage of working with the best textile specialist team ever.
The Perfect fit is a promise of every AOCOA product and reason of success . Behind this promise stands the owner and production team of AOCOA, exclusively we select appropriate materials and then carefully match them with the corresponding properties for each model, ensuring the so called FIT GUARANTEE. AOCOA CASUALS stands for unique selling proposition, a clearly defined target audience, sense of fashion degree and high-quality with unimaginable lead times in a timely manner and always available for fast delivery Just on time.